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Moutney Steering Wheel


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As above what exactly is the problem with using the moutney steering wheel for the iva as every says to use the standard Sierra one but I'm struggling with getting enough clearance between the Sierra wheel and my seat to actually get my legs in the car.

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Stick some edge trim on the spokes, just in case, like this:




Passed my IVA OK but you also MUST have a collapsible boss behind that (which you don't need, I believe, with the Sierra wheel).


Sadly, my edge trim blew off on the trip back from the IVA test - very windy these cars, you know... 8)

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If it's a Sierra column, you should see a corrugated-type section - that is the collapsible bit (good pic in the IVA manual if you're not sure what I mean).


This is the text from the IVA manual:


Steering wheel construction It is vital that the wheel is constructed so as to minimise the risk of facial injuries or concussion. The rim of the wheel should be padded or at least made from a material which when deformed does not splinter or fragment. The centre boss should be padded or recessed below the level of the rim. Wheels with a very deep dish are stiffer than flatter wheels and, as such will absorb less energy. The centre boss will often be of a collapsible type comprising a convoluted crushable section or a series of metal fingers with a deliberate fold introduced to initiate a collapse. Bolts used to secure the wheel to its boss (if exposed) should ideally be flush with the wheel surface but otherwise are required to meet the radius requirements if contactable. Bare metal spokes are allowed as long as they conform to the edge radius requirements. Components likely to catch in the driver’s clothing or jewellery are not permitted.


Admittedly, it doesn't actually say it MUST have a collapsible boss (highlighted in red - don't really understand it) but my tester did ask the question and I pulled the cover back a little to show him the collapsible section.

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