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2B+ For Sale

Guest Tweedy

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Sadly, I am putting my 2B+ up for sale.It has had so little use for the last 2 years and I have other projects to complete.


The kit was purchased in September 2005 and was completed in February 2008.It passed the IVA first time on the 8th of February 2008.

The car is registered as a Robin Hood and is on a Q plate.

The current MOT expires on the 30th of July 2018


.The engine is a Sierra 2L DOHC fitted with a Weber 28/32 TLDM carburettor and a Motorcraft engine management system.The fuel tank is aluminium.

Full weather gear is included.

The bonnet is hinged in front of the windscreen.

Wheels are 15x6 alloys fitted with Yokohama 205/50 tyres.Suspension is via GAZ adjustable coilovers.

ETB gauges were fitted in November 2010 together with a birch faced dashboard.

Engine cooling is via a Coolman radiator and electric fan.

Sabelt safety harnesses are fitted and a fire extinguisher is included.

A new battery was fitted last year.


The car has always been kept in a garage.


A jack,spare fuel pump and spare engine management unit are included.


Price £3500


Let me know if you require any further details.



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can't vouch for this particular car but i'm 6'1" and my 2b is more than big enough for me. My head is significantly lower than the roll bar and i have plenty of leg room. Part of the trick with the 2b is putting your foot under the clutch pedal as it is quite high up so you can stretch your leg out if needed.



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My Thoughts exactly Chaz.


Not had one myself before, so struggling to decide on a model. However i have found one in a local car dealer, so might be popping in to "try it on" at the weekend!

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