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Stainless Robin

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Thanks, where they the same size as the old ones in front? or is ride height changed? they are 125 lb. 

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The Gaz shocks are an inch longer ( 13") than standard at full extension. I felt that I had to open the space in the top of the crossmember just in case I get the wheels in the air over a humped back bridge (the top wishbones would've fouled on mine in that scenario!).

The ride height is adjustable with the coilovers of course, I have mine with the spring wound 30mm from base to create the original ride height,

and the dampers on the base setting.

It's nice and compliant (no anti roll bar) at the mo. but I'll start playing with it when I get comfortable that all the stress cracks are cured.

Rears? don't ask!

I've had the wheels off and shuddered, I'll drive it about this year but it's all coming out this winter to be redesigned. 



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Thanks for the info. 

Dave from Dampertech Should be back from hi sholiday after the weekend so I will ask him if he has any options for the rear.. The front ones I will take:

Coilovers 13" open, 9" closed 1,9" ID diameter with 125 LB springs.
Is Gold racing worth the extra pay? or will the regulars work also just fine? 

Or will this also be fine for my road use?

GAZ Universal Coilover 1.9" 13” Open 9”


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