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Z20Let Coolant Loss


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I gave my cooling setup a good coat of looking at last night and it is slightly different to your twos layouts.



The bottom rad connection goes to the back of the water pump, into this is a 25mm tee which goes to the connection under the inlet manifold.

I've also put a tee into the 25mm inlet side pipe which goes to the turbo.

the 8mm feed off the thermostat runs along the top of the exhaust manifold, then back under and into the turbo.


I think this is a little different to yours if I'm picturing yours correctly? Would photos or a drawing of mine help?



I've fitted a new thermostat which I know works, and I'll be fitting a Schrader valve tonight to bleed the system.


I'll let you know how I get on!


Thanks again!


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As said before my system is similar to Steve, except the 8mm outlet next to the thermostat tees into the top hose along with the hot water from the turbo, this will automatically bleed the system.

The supply to the turbo is feed from the bottom hose, through an electric water pump with run on timer.

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I'm baaaack!


I've altered my coolant plumbing to how Kerry and Steve have it, fitted a thermostat and installed a Schrader valve to the head to use as a bleed.

So I've not really noticed any difference with the overheating/ejecting water issues, however I think I may have identified the problem.


I decided to pressure test the system using a bike tyre pump on the Schrader valve. Got it up to 20 psi before the radiator cap lifted, but then wouldn't seal again until the system had lost all its pressure.

This issue would repeat itself.


I gave all the mating faces a clean up and a light coat of grease and repeated the pressure test with no issues.



I'm going to get a new cap ordered and see how I get on with that!


Should've checked the rad cap first really (as people suggested), however as it was a new cap and radiator I assumed it would've been fine!


I'll report back with my findings

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