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Confirmation Of Committee Members Standing Down An Nominations Receive


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At the 2018 AGM the current committee will all stand down, as per the club constitution, and may seek re-election to their current positions. The intentions of the current committee are below:

Chairman - Richard Marsh - Standing Down

Secretary - Stuart Thomas - Standing Down
Treasurer - Rebecca Kelly - Seeking re-election
Membership Secretary - Kirsty Marsh - Standing Down
Magazine Editor - Derek Overfield - Standing Down
Events Secretary - Keith Kelly - Seeking re-election
Committee Member - Bob Fry - Standing Down

At this moment in the time, the current nominations (where required) have been received by the Club Secretary

Chairman - Stuart Thomas
Secretary - Richard Byrne
Treasurer - Rebecca Kelly
Membership Secretary - Bob Fry and Dean Rudkin
Magazine Editor - Neil Hammond
Events Secretary - Keith Kelly
Committee Member - Matthew Brown



If you would like to stand for any position on the committee, nominations can still be made by post until the 15th April, and by email until 22nd April. Details of how to do so are in this thread - http://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=46243and in the club magazine.

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Hi Stuart, haven't said I.m standing down from my present position (Page 9 Spring 2018 Magazine )---- I have how-ever said I would stand for membership secretary.


Does the constitution prevent offering to stand for more than one role?

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O.K Stuart, if that is the legal position so be it. Happy to serve the club in any position the members vote me into or out of at this years AGM.


Pity that our present rules exclude all members who for what-ever reason are un-able to attend the AGM, still as said so many times before " Its the way ti has always been done"

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As I said in the committee section in response to your suggestion today of arranging a postal vote for members unable to attend, I am not against your suggested change to the system to allow for a broader range of votes, however it is too late to implement it for this year, but should be considered for next year. There are, of course, more things to consider than just the logistics and data handling implications of such a voting method, but also how it affects the deadlines for nominations (they would need to be MUCH earlier than they are currently) and also scenarios how it affects things like the nominations received on the day, both are bound up in constitution and would require addressing.

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Yes, maybe next year change to a postal vote & then all members would have an equal chance of electing the committee ---- voting form out with the magazine which contains the nominees names ( & maybe a short election address ) then for the cost of an envelope & stamp --- vote registered.

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For all members,

Have had a chance to re-read the club constitution & although rules state there must be a Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer there is no requirement for a maximum number of committee members ( in the past there have been at least ten) so cannot see that if I'm not voted in as Membership secretary then I can be re-instated in my present role as committee member without portfolio. Matt is also able to stand as an additional committee member ( as are others if they wish) The reason for my offer to stand for membership was in response to Stuart's question "What do I do for the club". In its present form that will be 8 members so deadlock on votes will need to be decided by the Chair's casting vote. Again there is no reason why committee needs to be restricted in numbers so expanding the management proposal follows.


Given that Dean is more able to run the membership role ( due probably to age ) I propose that the former position I held, & wish to retain; is written as myself "Seeking re-election" --- is this in order/ will 2 nominations be required/ or will 3.5 be called because I have failed to act in the best interests of the club.


My wish is for more open management with a greater geographical spread of committee, so my proposal ( to be discussed & put to the AGM ) follows:-


The present make-up of the committee needs to be far more accountable & open to scrutiny by the members, all decisions by management need to be voted on by a majority after discussion on forum with no action allowable unless notified to the whole committee. All management members must be able to attend meetings, so discussions need to be electronic -- best practise would be on forum I believe.

The members of the committee will signify that the proposal has been read by them & they will have the right to vote for/against or abstain ( as they wish) this will prevent actions being made without knowledge of all committee. If 3 weeks are given between proposal & vote this should cover holiday absence, knee jerk decisions cannot be covered or allowed.

I propose that the management is reduced to a single tier --- replacing the present set-up of --- committee , area secretaries & moderators with just a committee made up of all present named positions ( Chairman - Club Secretary - Treasurer - Events Secretary - Magazine Editor - Membership Secretary ) & all area secretaries.

Area secretaries need to be more involved -- at present they have no say in running the club other than voicing their concerns/wishes to the committee of 7 souls. They may wish not to be involved in voting for actions proposed but at least if they are asked they have a choice & 3 options of for/against/abstain. At present, I believe there are 10 area secretaries - 2 of whom wish to be on the committee -- so numbers making club decisions would be spread to 15 members which would cost the club £300 in "lost" subscriptions where-as at present we have 30.

A few more souls are needed "on the pay-role" to administer the web site. ( Have I forgotten some role? Probably ) I also propose that all named positions have a deputy ( drawn from management/area secretaries ) to assist the named positions -- i.e Chairman & Deputy / Treasurer & deputy/ Events & Deputy etc etc this will help spread the load so tasks are completed & don't become a chore. ( equally named positions may not need deputies & can say so. )


What-ever happens in the future, the present situation & that of the immediate past needs urgent action to make the club more open & vibrant, this can be achieved if management & members are willing. We have lost more than half the paid up members in the past 3/4 years, it cannot continue for much longer.


These are my proposals for discussion & inclusion at the AGM , please ensure they are placed in the correct box Stuart -- it will save my typing fingers.

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