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Hi all


Part of my engine swap for the winter project involves trying to keep the original alternator as it is small and out of the way.


The engine is a Ford Fiesta ST150, Duratec.


The plug is a `type 4' as per the attached. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1AVOcD7mszDG3TRVOuV3H4SNfaQZg_vds


Now, the IG 12v live and the warning light are OK, but the Signal output is my query.


Is this needed to make the alternator work? from what i have googled it just checks the batteries state of charge and then adjusts the output. Is this correct?


So, how would this be wired in on a kit car, or is it ecu controlled and has to be left out? What are the potential issues of leaving this unconnected?


If anyone is able to help that would be great.





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I believe its the sense wire which should come from battery and detects charge state to prevent overcharging needs a o on its own circuit. Not sure of your current alternator but very common on Japanese cars.

Look for alternator sense wire wiring and you should get a diagram (on mobile and link wont save).

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Cheers Mark.


Yes, lots of the Toyota stuff works that way, but i have only found USA info on the 2.3 duratec and that seems to suggest that the alternator has some sort of internal regulator that needs controlling. Now i am not using a 2.3 and i dont know if the USA stuff is different to Euro cars?


The Toyota set up looks straight forward enough and like you say references direct from the battery.


Might pop down my local friendly alternator shop and see what they say.


Thanks for the help.

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