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5Th Gear - New Series

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I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's episode. A head to head shoot out between some cars I might actually be able to afford and an engine upgrade which looked worthwhile plus the lovely Vicky testing Yank muscle cars. What's not to like?

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I just can't get on with any of the presenters - they try desperately to be funny and rebellious which just doesn't suit them at all.


They are obviously trying to be like Top Gear but, sadly, they just don't have the artistic ability - they're great drivers but useless actors (the fake 'rivalry' and banter between Tiff and Jason makes me cringe). They should either stick to being geeky about the cars or replace them with comedians/actors (Matt LeBlanc was excellent in the new TG).


Even without the presenters, the articles are always too simplistic for me, aimed at people vaguely interested in cars but just too lightweight for serious car buffs. For example, when they pretended to be surprised that the Mustang and Camaro, 2 cars with almost identical power and weight, do almost identical lap times. Come on - they're pro drivers...Jees...annoys me.


Sorry but I miss the old TG.... :blush: ... stupid and pointless road trips but funny, funny...

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