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Robin Hood 2b for sale

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Hi All, 

I’m looking to sell my Robin Hood RS (as badges / per V5) but I believe it’s a 2b. 

Less than 10,000 on the clock, bought last year for 6k but looking for £4500 due to a couple of cosmetic issues. 

I’ve been instructed the car needs to go, due to surprise child number 2 being inbound for May and I need to sell my 2 seater cars! 

Runs great, really good fun! One of the wheel arches has come off (managed to grab it!) and a couple of cosmetic issues need attention (hence price drop) which are just trim issues. 

Located surrey.

Will ensure it has a full MOT before pickup. 

Large pile of build diaries and manuals from its creator (not myself!). 

2.0 litre pinto engine

Please feel free to ask questions! 







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Last call on this for £3250, I’m now in big trouble with my wife for it taking up too much space / my company car arrives next week. If anyone wants a bargain, feel free to get in touch..


*insert gentle sobbing sounds* 

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I potentially could do, but i’ve had a perfect storm of new company car & surprise baby on the way, so I’m trying to sell this and a supercharged GT86 at the same time. It’s not been ideal for my car collecting dreams, but a gift none the less!

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