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Can I fit an bmw engine??

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Hi I have just bought my first kit car being a Robin Hood s7 as a rolling shell! I’ve been looking at an mx5 18 thinking can get a hole car cheap an have everything or there abouts to get finished! But have just come across a very good bmw e36 at the right price just wondering if anyone has done it or seen it done! 

Thanks in advance 



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Despite being a big 7, the s7 has surprisingly little room for anything.  There are 3 issues I foresee with a bmw setup:

- the engines are slanted over, making them very wide for an inline engine and landing the head where your master cylinder will want to live. 

- the 6 cylinders are long, if you have inboard shocks, possibly too long. 

- you’d want, and be right, to use the donor bmw gearbox, but the opening into the transmission tunnel on the s7 is narrow, and you will likely struggle to get it in. A ford type 9 only just fits  


other than this issues, a bmw setup would be a super option, but I think your original idea of an mx5 setup is probably going to be much much easier  



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These guys did do a kit specially designed for the E36 engine. I saw them at the Stoneleigh show back in 2015 and the kit looked good.

However, the chassis they designed was particularly large (bigger even than my Zero GT), presumably for the reasons Stu has mentioned. But you could give them a call? Not sure if they're still doing the kit, even though it is mentioned on the website...

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