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Radiator fitted low down.

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On the Hood 2b I bought in March this year, I have just noticed that the radiator top hose is 3" higher than the radiator header tank. The car is 18 years old but only done 3,400 miles, I have only driven it a short distance, so far. This hose cannot be right ?


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True it's not a good design creating the potential for air to gather in the hose but flow is pretty vigorous at that point which reduces the effect. You could have a look at the hose length. Cutting an inch off each end of the hose will lower the rear arm of the hose that attaches to the stat housing but not the arm on the radiator. Further you may be able to raise the radiator a little. I would also have a look at the gearbox mount under the rear of the box if it's a type 9. Raising that by mounting it above the floor rather than under it will drop the front of the engine and it may be able to be shimmed up even further without problems. Probably not much you can do to lower the engine mounts without endangering the sump but make sure they are not shimmed up. Is the sump already shortened?

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