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Robinhood Series Three For Sale

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2.jpg.2661d7e6db739221f3dc5277671e4027.jpgHello everyone

I have my Robinhood Series Three For Sale

I have had this car for seven years after purchasing from the original owner and builder. It has a 2.0 litre pinto and 5 speed box. I have added a few improvements in that time full racing seats and harnesses. Large core Ford racing alloy radiator and electronic fan. Carbon air filter which is supplied from the front air duct and onto the custom airbox on top of the original single weber carb. It comes with 5 wheels fitted with Yokohama tyres in good condition and not much wear. Rear brakes are drums from original donor vehice and the fronts are XR2 disks. Guages are made by Smiths.

This car has a full MOT. It has been very reliable in all the years I have owned it and it has never needed anything other than basic servicing.  It does need tidying and the speedo sensor hasn't worked since I have had the car I just use gps on my phone. The speedo clock works fine though. This unfortunately means I don't know what the true miles I have done. It is less than 15,000 since owning and it runs strong and has never been an issue. All the other guages work and are made by Smiths. The reason for selling is I no longer have a garage. 

With the issues mentioned I belive my asking price of £2999 is fair buy I'm open to sensible offers


If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 


Cheers Lee 07807 124602








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This is from the April 1998 sales brochure:


The Series 3 and 3A had inboard shock absorbers whereas the NEW Series 3 has outboard.  If you would like a pdf copy of the sales brochure drop me a message with your e-mail address.


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