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Insurance exclusions


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Went to renew my annual (comprehensive) kit insurance to discover that: "Personal Accident and Medical Expenses of this policy does not apply."
I.e.  in the extremely unlikely event that an accident is my fault (e.g. skid on ice/oil etc.) causing loss of limb or death to me or passenger, there will be no payout.
This is something that has crept into my policy over the years.
On querying this with the broker, it seems that this is generic over the whole kit-car industry.
Anybody else noticed this?  Or am I being misled?

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Ah but there is no such thing as anything being your fault; skid on oil/ice? Sue the council.. 

Have any accident and you'll have a raft of companies happy to sue somebody for you at no cost to you. Sad state of affairs but EVERYONE gets 'compensation' these days - and we pay for it with higher premiums. 

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