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front brakes upgrade

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 I think I ended up using a 19mm master cylinder. This is the third cylinder I've tried, the pedal effort is quite high but it does stop OK if you stand on the pedal. 

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You have to make that choice with the master cylinder bore diameter.

Larger bore = more per pressure but less peddle travel.

Smaller bore = less peddle pressure but more travel. 

I prefer a smaller diameter and a touch longer travel, I find on a car with no ABS or servo the travel is small anyway because it’s so direct. The brakes in my kit are quite good, I swapped for a smaller diameter master last year and it’s a big improvement on standard. 

It’s important to line the push rod and master cylinder accurately too, a straight push is much more efficient than if it’s at a bit of an angle because no energy is wasted in angular motion, and less in friction. 

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