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Pas steering 2b

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Hey all, not been on for a while as kids have took over.  

Has anyone fitted an electronic vaux corsa electric steering column to there 2b?.  I have bought the column and the module required to make it work.

My car has standard sierra rack and column at the moment, as well as a pedal box.

Just wondering if anyone has done similar?

Best Wishes


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Hi Gareth,

Yes fitted pas from mgf along with the stalks, the stalks are a real challenge as the internal circuit does not adapt well to the Sierra wiring, it can be done but I would not recommend it.

Fitting the pas was straight forward you need a signal from the engine and road speed, both signals are only to activate the system.

Both signals can be generated using a pair of NE555 Adjustable Module Duty Cycle Pulse Frequency Square Wave Signal Generator

The mgf system regulates the power assistance from a torque sensor built into the steering column.

I would recommend a switch to turn it off if not required.

I changed my XE a few years ago to a modified Z20LET


Let me know if you need any more Info let me know







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Hi Kerry, thanks for the reply.  dont suppose you have any pics of your PAS setup at all do you? particulary the column where ou connected on? Also what box and ratios are you running?

last but not least, any pics of your bonnet at all and the firewall?  in 2 minds on best way to tackle it.  Ive got a split bonnet ant the moment but not 100% happy with it.


cheers Gareth


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