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fan size

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i have a 12" electric fan fitted drawing air though the rad do you think this is the the right size ref my overheating problem or should i have fitted a 14" one ? ref my post in bigday

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Could try a cowl around the existing fan -- if the edge of the fan is shrouded ,say 2" & close to the blades most tip loss of air will be reduced.

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i have now stop it overheating at last changed the 12" fan for a 14" one and fitted a home-made  bleed vent in the heater link hose between water pump and inlet manifold at the back of engine at the highest level done a app 80 miles over weekend and no loss of water, i think i will try to find a alloy twin core rad to fit to replace the old single core one so as it has more water in system to help with cooling 






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20 hours ago, theduck said:

I've had good success with the ebay honda civic alloy rads.  They do them 32mm inlets and outlets too.

hi could you give me the size please as very tight fit in mine

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