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Brake Discs


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    • By MarkBzero
      Thinking of upgrading rear brakes on Zero, currently have 2l Sierra drums. They generally only just pass MOT and I have fitted new shoes and adjusted them.
      What do I to do the conversion to discs? I see kitspares to the brackets and there is some questions about fitting to the rear of the disc or front of the car.
      Any help appreciated.
    • By Sim70
      Can someone tell me what front stub axles are fitted to a 2b+ as mine is running solid discs and are warped so need vented anyway
    • By Pellis
      Hi all,
      I'm trying to source a replacement front off side brake caliper for my Robin Hood 2b but cant find a part number on it apart from 29P. Looking at the paperwork I have for the car the donor was a Ford Sierra 1982.
      Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I'll try and get some better ones uploaded tomorrow.
      Can anyone offer any help please.
      Thank you in advance

    • By mchi3am2
      Hi all,
      I need some advice as I can't figure out what the best course of action is.
      I have fitted 2 rear sierra disc brake calipers to my GBS zero and now need some flexible hoses to connect to the chassis bulk head. My original plan was to use an M10 banjo on the caliper end and a female swivel union at the chassis end (I've used bulk head connectors to terminate the fixed lines).
      Is that the correct thinking? I can't get any good pictures of what other people have used on flexible lines so I'm not sure if I should use a banjo (rather than screwing straight into the caliper). Are bulkhead connectors a waste of time? Do banjos cause problems?
      Some will suggest just buying the parts from kit spares but I haven't used the Ford OEM calipers (I got some Wilwood power lites instead) so I don't think the kit spares part would fit.
      I'm not planning on building the braided lines, I'm going to get Furore to make them as I've seen some good comments about them.
      Finally, do I need to use any threading compound for the brake lines (like one would with PTFE tape on plumbing)?
      Thanks in advance,
    • By DAVE1954
      Hi building a part build 2b, fitted new shoes on one side plus new handbrake cable,got to do the other side , and took drum off no existing shoes.The problem ive got now is ive no adjuster and bar across top between the shoes which should of come off the old ones .Has anyone know where i can aquire any from, i i have searched internet but with no luck .1.6 sierra based. Cheers Dave
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