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13 hours ago, Jthorneuk said:

this is what im not sure about, but surly nobody puts a 38mm diameter round section on the bottom of their dash?

If the face & underside of the dash/glovebox floor is at approximately 90 degrees then the radius of 19 mm flowing from one face to the other should comply ?  Florin's dash is indeed 38 mm thick at the base, the dash face flows into this wooden 1/2 round profile; covered in 10mm dense foam mat & vinyl.  Examiner at IVA commented on how well this construction complied with the IVA manual.

You appear to have a brilliant method of forming your dash profile, so fit 38 mm wood/MDF/ply & shape all contactable edges to a 19 mm radius.

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The bonnet is not meant to fit to the tube behind the dash, you need to fit the dash to fill the gap. Once everything is fitted in place it is fairly rigid.  Nick  

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