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richard mackay

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Have Minilite style wheels on Florin --- they were sold as an option for the Ford Ka & were bought from a Ford Dealer.

Size from memory is 4.5 or 5J  x 14" diameter.  We use tyres with a higher aspect ratio to make the rolling diameter the same ( near as ) the 15" normally fitted to Sierras.

All above from memory, would need to un-wrap Florin from her slumbers to check ;if required.DSCF9253.JPG.af7ee058a1d2b1a030d85d7023b4a4bf.JPG

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Wheels as shown above are on the standard hubs/brakes as removed from the '89 Sierra donor.


Original Minilites were cast from a magnesium alloy, I believe; hence the name.  These are bad news for ordinary mortals cars as road salt very quickly turns the metal to dust

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Extra info.
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My Sierra was a 1986 1.6L it had 13' steels. I fitted 14' bk racing alloys that were on a MK4 Escort. When I went for what was the SVA in 2004 I was worried a about the Speedo reading slow but I needn't have worried. Now I'm fancying a classic sort of look and minilite style wheels do the job for me.

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