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Zetec ECUs - What do they do, what do I need? Wiring diagram?

Chris Scott

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I'm currently working my way through my 3A restoration and although no expert I understand most bits of the car, what they do and how they work. However I am very confused on the engine electrics.

My car has a Motocraft black box (which I believe is called the ignition module) and a Megajolt ECU 

Can anyone explain what those components do?

I assume the ignition module controls the spark, not sure what the megajolt does as the car is on carbs (although it does have a TPS)

Secondly, the car has a butchered wiring loom, I am replacing this with an Autosparks one, does anyone have a wiring diagram for the engine side of things (as there is a multi-plug coming off the ignition module - be good to know what I need to connect to it and what can be binned off).



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Hi Chris

I have just finished the refurb on an s7 with a duratec (just a zetec with VVT) using the trigger wheels ecu and the ford edis unit (module) you refer to and it worked first time and really well if you have questions then please let me know, the attached file is for edis 4, i have a full wiring diagram for the microsquirt on zetec if you want that just give me a shout. Cheers Andy 


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