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Allan Dawson South Africa Brooke Car

Allan Dawson

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Hi all out there far and wide.

I am Allan Dawson from South Africa. I have a Brooke car which I am currently building. I have built five "Sevens" in the past.

The Brooke is fitted with Yamaha R1 motor and Quaiffe Reverse transmission.

My question is. Are Brooke cars still being factory built. Any Idea how many are around. Will they become collectable.

There does not appear to be much info on the internet.

Sincerely, Allan Dason


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16 hours ago, MarkBzero said:

I vaguely remember someone buying the build rights many, many years ago. Then there was a new model but very keen to move away from kit car scene to small car manufacturer. 

Thanks Mark, that is more or less correct. Birkin cars bought the manufacturing rights from Brooke, as they had a very good infrastructure at Birkin.

I was the agent for Birkin Cars. I sold about 26 Birkin Sevens. 

They built about 13 Brookes , of which 12 were sent to UK? I have the other one. Birkin insisted that it was a hand built sports car and not a kit car?

They parted company and when Brooke decided to manufacture again in the UK.

Thanks for the feedback, Sincerely, Allan Dawson

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1 hour ago, nelmo said:

There is a club member who has a Brooke, fitted with a Honda Integra engine - he bought it recently so not sure how much he knows about the company, though. 

I originally was going to fit my Honda S2000 motor. Bit big and heavy. My other option which I had was my Toyota 1800 Celica motor with a Rotrex supercharger.

I opted for the Yamaha R1 motor with the Quiaffe reverse differential. Much lighter. overall weight of car, excluding fluids is now in the region of 400kgs.

Sincerely, Allan Dawson

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