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yeah that was a pain sorting that. Mine aren't perfect by any means but not too bad looking, i beat some aluminium into the right shape and covered with black leatherette. I'm lucky i had an old rollbar off a tractor with a nice curve that i could beat the ally around. The inner side is cut to allow it to curve as i couldn't get it to bend both inside and outside curves.

I can get a picture if you want.


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Mine is on version 2 which is 2 pieces of ply cut to shape for the inside & outside. Aluminium sheet over the to top and then covered in thin foam & vinyl.  They've been on for a year or two now and have lasted OK. 

Originally it had lengths of square plastic guttering cut and bent to fit with black vinyl covering them - it didn't look as bad as it sounds !


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Used plastic pipe of same bore as O/D chassis, covered externally with camping mat & a vinyl "sock"  "U" shaped to be a tight fit when pressed over the chassis tube. Don't remember how much hot bending required for tube, but it all fitted in the finish without fixings.

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