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Change of address for the Kits & Bits booklet

James Agg

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Hello everyone. About 6 months ago I moved house and changed my address on my RHOcar account, but alas, the kits and bits booklet still got sent through to my old address. Luckily the person who bought my old address off me forwards any straggling mail. I assumed that it may have just been that it would take time for the address update to filter through to whoever is responsible for sending out the booklet. Unfortunately, I’ve just received my latest issue of kits and bits after it went to my old address again. Does anyone know who I need to talk to about this? Or is there something I’m missing on the address change side of things that I’m still yet to do? I can assure you that my account definitely says the new address, so I’m not sure what else to do…

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I keep the membership database, I've updated it to show your new address as in your profile (house number 29).

Generally I only check addresses at renewal time to see if it matches the address details held by PayPal (assuming it's a PayPal renewal), otherwise we have to rely on people contacting us.

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