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New 2B Owner


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Hi All,

I'm the new owner of a 2B (/4?) and a new member of the club and forum.

It's on a Q plate and the first registration date lists 1991 (which at 1500cc was the first donor car), but it was rebuilt and returned to service with its first/new MOT on the Q plate in 2019 with a Zetec 2.0 silvertop with Weber 45 dcoe, ST170 exhast manifold, civic aluminium radiator + fan thermostat, type 9 gearbox, custom aluminium baffled fuel tank, race obp pedal box, custom exhaust, LSD and new coilovers all around. It's very racey but a bit rough around the edges (interior mainly)

Out of interest I was wondering if anyone knows the history or recognises this car? It apparently started life in Wales and the engine swap might have occurred there, but actually completing the rebuild to the Zetec was completed in cornwall/sommerset. I've relocated it back to Cambridge and it ran like a dream the whole way.

First project I think is to tidy up the interior with a CF/new dashboard and some minimal internal carpet. I'm also going to install a water temperature gauge and an oil pressure one (and maybe the sender too, not sure if one is already on the zetec).

I'm also interested in meeting people in or around Cambridge with similar cars and similar experience with Zetec tuning. I'd love to hear from anyone that meets this description.




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11 hours ago, geordie40 said:

I think I recognize the car, belonged to a friend near Liskeard in Cornwall, we did a couple of Autosolos (if its the same car). It was very quick!!

Oh nice, small world! Yeah that is the car - I bought it not from your friend, but another owner had it for a short time after. He changed the wing mirrors but yeah, otherwise it is the same beast!

When was that photo taken, out of interest?

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