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MT75 quickshift


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My gear change is nit great - I have the GBS quickshift kit fitted and it's fine but there is so much play in the lever, I feel like a witch in Macbeth, stirring my cauldron 🙂

I've searched online but cannot see any alternative kit I can buy that might improve things (unless anyone knows of something?), so I'm considering trimming down the gear lever as a start. It's the standard GBS item and very long.

However, I am no engineer, so is there any risk with doing that? Has anyone done any other changes on the MT75 gearchange?


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You will need to discover where the play is.

The gearshift lever pivot (rose joint type ball) should be fine, but it screws into the end of the shaft coming back from the box mounts, they have come loose.

The fork joint at the bottom of the gearshift, where it attaches to the operating rod can open up if the bolt has been left to loose.

 The coupling at the end of the opp rod where it attaches to the gear box shaft has also developed play in the past.

From memory it's a Ford coupling, but the pins can wear, although if there is movement in the coupling check the hole through the Opp rod for going oval.

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Thanks - I don't think it's wear, it's always been like this and I think it is the long lever that is the real problem. It's supported at the rose joint but then goes up 7 or 8 inches unsupported, hence the wobble. 

I was also thinking of trying to make a Ferrari-style gate which would look awesome and support the lever, preventing the wobble. But I was hoping someone else had tried something like that... I guess not. 

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