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Fuel Filer position


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Thanks Bob for your reply,

I don't think i explained very well what I want to do is move the fuel filler from the passenger rear side to a position on the top of the boot on the drivers side as this will allow me to have a very short filler hose from the filler to the new alloy tank I have. I was also going to use the Robin Hood aero cap purely as a means of blanking the old hole and it wont be connected to anything.  Can you think of any problems I should look out for from an IVA point of view with this approach.

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Can't see that being a problem for IVA as long as it meets the other requirements (vented, can't remove key when the cap is off etc). 

You may have to think about what happens if you overfill the tank by mistake. With the standard position, the excess just runs down the panel to the floor but if its on top, any overflow may go into your boot. 

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