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Lincolnshire Meets for May


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Now Stoneleigh is done and dusted (rather annoyingly, having avoided it for 2 years, I picked up Covid there at some point, luckily a very mild case) it's time for the next Lincolnshire 'picnic'.

It will be at 12:00 next Wednesday 18th May.   Location yet to be decided, it will depend on participants, I like to give everyone a decent run in the car as well as meeting up somewhere nice.

All welcome.

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We've decided to revisit Foxton Locks (LE16 7RA).   Nice place for a picnic, it is the longest, steepest staircase of canal locks in Britain.   Two car parks, museum, cafe, pubs, toilets and a very interesting inclined boat lift which preceded the locks.

We will be parking up in the top (southerly) car park by about 12:00.   Parking costs £3.50 and unless it has changed since last time, it will not take credit cards, so it's either cash or a phone call.

Still planning for Wednesday 18th, but if the weather on the 17th looks dramatically better we might go then.   Final decision on Monday 16th.

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And what a cracking day out it was.   Very quiet car park, good turnout, good company and a very pleasant walk down the Foxton staircase and a visit to the Museum, including a good look at the historical lift system that was used before the locks were build.   Enough left to visualise how the boats were floated into a box and then lowered/raised on the slope to the lower/upper parts of the canal.




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You started this post in the committee event discussion area. I've moved it to the general event area so everyone can see what they missed.

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