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Difference between models


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Hi. Have a Google of Robin Hood kitcar identification.  That should take you to a useful page showing all the models available.  Which is best is a tricky one.  A well built early one with a monocoque chassis could be better that a poorly built tubular chassis (tubey ie 2b) Try and look at a few before diving in. And remember to make sure it is correctly registered on the V5 as a Robin hood and not the donor car eg Ford Sierra. Lots of incorrectly registered cheap cars are out there. Good luck.

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You don’t give the price or model, but at this time of year we see lots of cars coming up for sale at silly prices as people try to cash in on the good weather and buyers are keen to have a car for the summer.   Depending on model I would expect a good condition, properly registered, MOTd, Robin Hood (2B, Exmo, 3A, S7…) should be around £3500-£4000.  A Superspec would have a premium of about £500 as all the parts were brand new at build.

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That's a good start but I really can't advise you if it's a good buy. Definitely take it for a test drive. Remember the monocoque cars like the Exmo tend to fetch less money than the 2b models. There seem to be a lot of cars for sale at the moment so try and look at a few, obviously depending where you live. 

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