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If the top and bottom tanks are still ok you can take it to your local radiator specialist and have a new core fitted. Plusses are  you don't have to alter the plumbing and if you have cooling problems you may find they can fit more cores .

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On 8/1/2022 at 7:45 PM, LewisH said:

@LewisH 42mm core ?  How’s this fitted in your car can you share ? What setup do you have ? I’ve got a pinto 1.8 but doesn’t look like much space for an electric fan 

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Yes 42mm. I have installed mine in the nose cone at an angle with the top of the rad tilted back towards the engine.

I don't have a header tank, just a bottle connected to the rad top for expansion. If you are doing this you need to make sure that the top of the rad is higher than the bottom of the cylinder head. 

I have also fitted an electric fan on the rear of the rad, just enough room here. 

To mount the rad I used some hinges attached to the top of rad to the front of the chassis, this allowed me to set the angle that I wanted without having to make a bracket to suit the angle. For the bottom rad mounts I used some threaded rods on either side, again, this allowed me to adjust the angle to suit the space. Then I used some thin aluminium sheet to block around the sides and underneath the rad so that all if the air is pushed through the rad and over the top into the engine bay.

I don't have any overheating issues. Just got back from a long drive in 20+deg heat, sat in traffic no problem. 

If you need more info or pictures let me know.

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