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    @LewisH 42mm core ? How’s this fitted in your car can you share ? What setup do you have ? I’ve got a pinto 1.8 but doesn’t look like much space for an electric fan
  2. Have a good Run out tomorrow gents, hopefully il catch up and meet with you all on the next run
  3. She better be happy with the prices of fuel, luxury fuel
  4. Thanks Peter, had a quick look at them looks like it would fit on top however some websites don’t specify the innner and outer diameter, I’ve only manage to find demon tweeks that you can check the inlet size
  5. Thanks Nelmo, not going for the looks, might go down the route of custom intake and filter in the side vents.
  6. Sorry nelmo but of a noobie what’s an FI ? what do you recommend something like a KN filter and re route? Really want to avoid cutting into my 2B bonnet hence why I was thinking of a pancake as not much room
  7. Thanks will have a look, have you fitted one of these to yours ?
  8. RickDaley

    Filter advice

    Hi All, hope you have had a good weekend either working on your hoods or out enjoying with the weather. looking for some support on a filter for my hood that I’m restoring. I’m not sure which carb it is but looking for a pancake that I can fit either directly. I know over the year suppliers have gone but just looking to see if any supplier or website I can get to fit this carb. current measurements are as followed. Hole to Hole on the our is 4inch. inside diameter is approximately 90mm. any support will be great
  9. Don’t think il be ready then guys but will keep you in the loop
  10. Interested if I can get it up and running Shaun have ing a few technical issues I’m trying to work through
  11. @apgodden tried your method opened it up looks like the hazard button inside is badly damaged for the latch so it won’t lock into place. Also the contacts on the back of the pins was very oxidised. I managed to get everything back after an hour or so but now I don’t have have the left or right working at all. I needed up putting a post asking if anyone had a spare stalk with the 90 code that I could buy. Don’t suppose you have a spare one ?
  12. Will send my email address via PM Stephen Same here any time after 5 due to work commitments
  13. Hi All Looking for some help and guidance if possible, recently my stalk has a dodgy hazard light, I have also noticed that right indicator works fine but when I put the left indicator on it switches all the Hazards. I’ve taken apart the stalk to clean up the contacts as they was very oxidised. Putting back together now the right won’t work. does anyone have a spare Sierra Stalk with the code 90GB13B 302AA. The second part of the question if I can’t get hold of a stalk will the indicator stalk with code 87 work, a good friend @shaun_tomo88 has got this as spare just wondering what modification might be needed if any. please can any help with a new stalk or help with the compatability of wiring the 87 ?
  14. Might need to get some new wider seats to accommodate the festive break
  15. Hi Gents sorry I’ve been a little quiet over the past few months busy with work and stuck in isolation means I was in the garage trying to figure out who ever built my 2B in the past and making a few bits for the car . hopefully il be able to get to some meets this year Thanks for Steven for setting up the north west meets again looking forward to meeting with you all. bit of a snippet on what I’ve made for my 2B whilst in isolation.
  16. @apgodden was this a faulty switch I think im suffering the same with the same code of 90 on the stalk. Hazards with no ignition working fine. Right indicator working with hazard pressed down. Left Indictor is turning the hazards for front and back. Do you recon the stalk has gone ?
  17. Hi Steve I’m based in Manchester City center, currently under going a rebuild of the engine hoping to get it back up and running in Feb time due to work commitments. I can’t say I will be able to attend everyone but i will do my best to go to as many as possible. I intended to get it in shape for the car show in tatton park next year if it’s on. I took it out for its last spin the other week, when we had the last bit of sunshine,around Manchester City center. The comments and people asking can they sit in and take a picture was ridiculous, anyways keep me in mind when you have meets would love to come meet up with you all have a cuppa
  18. I’m 100% down for a meet Steve, only just joined recently I’ve had my Robin Hood 2B for 2 months, hopefully il get it ready for end of spring
  19. I am but not a religious die hard United fan, don’t go to games and watch the odd match if I’m around, saying that I will support city in any match as well until derby day that’s when I tie my allegiance to the red side of manchester. as for the car I’m hoping to have back up and running for summer with under the bonnet looking fresh and clean. im currently ordering interior stuff but my gosh getting dial for a reasonable price
  20. Think it’s a great idea I’m based in Manchester City center well 3 minute drive away from the center I should say, however the cars now set for winter and I’ve just started to strip the engine down, needed a little bit of tlc. Il keep an eye out on the forum to see where we decided to do the meet up. hope I can get it re built for the
  21. Thanks Nelmo, Do you have any good recommendations on where to source material such a piping or leather so that I can re do the boot lid? I’ve just took apart the three sections could do with re upholstering if I’m not going down the carbon route. thank for your help in advanced.
  22. Thanks Alan, this is what I meant. Need to decided if to make plastic panels then and coat with carbon fibre or take the old panels off and re upholster. thank you for your quick reply
  23. Thanks Nelmo, Do you have any good recommendations on where to source material such a piping or leather so that I can re do the boot lid? I’ve just took apart the three sections could do with re upholstering if I’m not going down the carbon route. thank for your help in advanced.
  24. Good Morning All Apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong place. Looking for advice on where I can get a carbon fiber boot lid manufactured for a Robin Hood 2B. I become the owner of this beauty below last Sunday, I’m sure someone on here used to own this at some point. im looking to change a few things around, seats back to classic or narrow seats. Update interior and change the colour way of vehicle. Appreciate your support guys.
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