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Electric fan running on

Jonty Wild

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On the last few times I have been for a run the fan has remained running for a long time afterwards. Obviously, when the engine is hot I would expect that, but after waiting for a long time and then checking that the temperature has dropped. The fan still continues to run. If I then disconnect it and then reconnect it, it remains off. It just seems that it is not turning off correctly when the temperature drops. Has anyone else had this problem? Do I just to replace the fan thermostat, and if so, does  anyone know where to get one and what it needs to be - I assume the come in different temperature ranges? I cannot see the make of fan. The car is a Ford 2 litre powered RH 2B.

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Sierra pinto engines did not have electric radiator fans so your instalation is probably unique. They had fan-belt driven viscous coupling fans that in my opinion belong in the scrap bin.

I have used


To control my electric fan and power it through a switched live so it stops when I switch the ignition off.

I have it set to 95C which is above thermostat fully open temperature but below boiling, it normally only operates when stuck in traffic.

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Thanks Ian. I am going to change the electric fan regulator, is everyone with Ian at 90 degrees Celsius for a 2 litre Pinto engines?

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