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Pinto starting problem

Paul Liquorish

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Hi I've got a starting issue with my Pinto, the engine turns over slowly, which I thought was a faulty battery, so I replaced it with a new one but still the same fault, I've got a weak spark (its got electronic points) could it be the coil, a earthing fault or starter sucking the power? any advice would be appreciated 

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A bad earth could easily cause all the above faults. So start with the cheap and easy fixes. Run a new earth cable from battery terminal directly to the engine block. A jumper cable will do. Also excessive ignition advance can stop the engine turning over. Retard it just a bit if the new earth doesnt solve it.

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I dont think engine speed when starting has anything to do with the spark- it's all about the starter motor. As Bob says, earth's are the first thing to check but I had the same problem (on my Zetec) and it proved to be a dodgy starter motor. Replaced it and all good.

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