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Cortina based S7

Mark Fletcher

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Hello all,

Many cortina based S7’s still out there? Recently bought and set to work refreshing a 1980 cortina based s7, engine (2.0 Pinto) and chassis matching original donor. Rear axle has the fifth link which has just failed. I’ve come across the posts from Chris N describing the micra link fix for axle wind up. Is this still the best fix? What else works? Micra bits not as common these days. 
Any and all help most welcome. Especially if there’s any cortina based s7 build guides out there?! 





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I also had a leak in the petrol tank.

Tank looks just like yours. Leak was actally from a crack in the seam.

I removed tank and emptied it.

Painted aircraft fuel tank sealer round the seams on the inside ( do all seams as leaks travel ) PPG 1440 2 part sealer.

It is expensive but it has held for over 20 years. I got it cheap as it was a couple of days off time expired. Now retired and these expensive solutions might not suit your finances.

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