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Guest Howtightpet

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Guest Howtightpet

Hi guys


Well I now have a windscreen for my S7 :-)))))))

Can anyone tell me where it is meant to sit and don't say I front of driver please lol

Reason for question is will want to fit wet weather gear when I can find some,so screen position is important

Any idea please ??


Also if anyone has any wiper motors and wiper boxes small heater or de mister as it gets hot enough please let me know

Winter project here we come




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Guest mower man
:sorry: If memory serves [?] top rail of screen should be around 61 inches from top of rear panel going over rollover bar , its 12 years or so since I did it so check very carefully , mine had around 6 inches of scuttle to bottom frame of screen ,those two measurements meant about a 10 degree rake back wards , :sorry: sorry I can't measure it cause it.s in Lancs now with a new owner! mower man :crazy:
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I have a gbs shortened sierra type wiper asembly and an unshortend sierra one if you're interested yours for £20 each plus postage they'll be in the for sale department soon.

PM me if you're interested.

As for the screen placement I've put the 2B videos on YouTube don't know if it's the same I'm sure someone will know.



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Guest Howtightpet



Thanks for that which will I need not sure from the gbs

Would guess the shorter one see if anyone can tell me


Will check your u tube. Video




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Guest mdav1970

Bet you've sorted this now, but if not, ive just fitted the screen to my 3A and the manual i have is for the S7 which states 2 1/2 inches in from the edge of the engine bay , 2 inches up from the seam joining main body to fire wall that will be to the corner of the window support. /


: / \ :

: /__\ . : Cock pit

Engine Bay : ---> 2 1/2 " /I\ :

: I 2" :




Hope my dot matrix drawing helps, bored at work.. :)

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