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Windscreen Marking


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I am coming to the end of the build of my Robin Hood 2B and I am just in the process of fitting the windscreen. I have read numerous threads and the IVA manual and just want to confirm a couple of things.


These are the markings on my windscreen...




Am I correct in thinking that this won't get through the IVA because of the missing Roman numerals above the E?


If I remove the windscreen, wipers, heater and washers and get it through the IVA would it be a bad idea to fit it anyway because it would be too dangerous?




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You've probably seen it, but this was a thread I raised before I built...




I agree, it's missing the numerals, but it does have TEMPERED written on it clearly. And, for what it's worth, on my IVA I never noticed the tester take a long hard look at the marking anyway. Given it's almost a mandatory 1st fail on IVA anyway, I'd be tempted to run with it as-is and if it fails you can remove the glass as a template and get one made up with the correct markings, refit and retest.

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In my opinion, no. If you want a windscreen, then it makes far more sense to put the necessary related items (wipers, heater, squibbers) in place while you are building, it is so much easier and you're not then ripping the car apart again after IVA to retrofit it all. There is no challenge to putting a car through IVA with a windscreen bar the rear view mirror vibration that I encountered (and ultimately fixed!)...

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No doubt the powers that govern our car building hobby can & do watch our views on "work-rounds" & one day they'll start insisting the car as presented will be its final guise ( maybe excepting minor changes) & build photos will become file photos. Mot's are carried out on production cars & they must comply with "as built" legislation, so why not apply the same to our cars --- used as built.


We may not like or agree with all the points of IVA but we are playing on the roads with all the other souls & as such the rules should be respected.


Florin's windscreen is a cut down Land Rover County 'screen retaining all the codes in the right bottom corner.

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None of the windscreens from RH will pass the IVA as they are not laminated and don't have the // symbol. Pilkingtons should have the template for the RH 2B as I sent it to them and bought a screen. was around £250. might be cheaper now they have the template.





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I wouldn't want to be driving behind a tempered glass windscreen if it shattered. Even though the particles are supposed to be blunt they can still damage your eyes. I got my marked laminated windscreen cut at a tractor windscreen suppliers of all places!

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At some point i'll do mine but in the meantime i've got some plastic safety film to prevent flying bits if it shatters.


I do wonder though whether in some respects safety film on the back is actually better than laminated. If you hit laminated hard enough shards can break away from the back and are sharp as it isn't toughened, if you have film on the back nothing can be thrown backwards. but i guess laminated must be stronger and will stop the odd pedestrian going through (well probably not in our cars as the screen surround isn't strong enough to prevent that).


this had some interesting points assuming they are correct https://www.quora.com/Why-are-front-windshields-the-only-laminated-glass-in-cars-Cant-they-use-the-same-for-rear-windshields-and-side-windows

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