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Pop rivets or machine screws


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Just a quick question can I use M4 screws with max strength thread locker to fix cable tie saddles to the chassis or do I need to use pop rivets for the IVA? Reason I am asking is that if you have to remove a rivet the back of it just drops in to the chassis and it just rattles with no way to get it out so for that reason I don’t like to use rivets.

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I doubt IVA is that specific - there was definitely no mention when I did mine.

I wouldn't worry about rattling bits of rivet - you're never going to hear it above wind/engine/tyre noise. I assume you mean self-tappers? They'll be a pain to remove if you need to and difficult to re-use the same hole.

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If you use stud lock with pozi A2 screws do not expect to remove the screw without either drilling or a fair bit of heat.

Do you realy need stud lock suerly a lower strength thread lock like loctight 222 will be more than enough.

Before I retired we used 222 on many very high vibration machine tools that we made without problems, just clean oil off before applying the thread lock.

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