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Pinto smoking under load


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Its time I got my 2B back on the road. The problem I have is that its suddenly started to smoke under load. The engine has done circa 3000 miles since the head came off during the build 2010ish and all I did was replace the valve oil seals as when in the donor car it smoked on the overrun. The bores looked very good and the engine ran very well but on the last run when it started to smoke it felt "not quite right". I'm think its probably rings this time but have any pinto experts got an opinion on what it might be! Its a 2.0 EFi and if the donor history was accurate it only has 88000 miles on it. The plan is to do a leak down and compression check, pull the head, check the bores again and fit new valve oil seals but should I go further and pull the pistons if there is no bore damage? Thoughts please folks.

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I'd do  a compression test first to give you an idea of what might be wrong.

If it's been standing for a while it might just be stuck rings. If so you can try taking the plugs out and giving it a squirt of of WD40 or similar in each cylinder. Leave it to soak for a day and try again.


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