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Sva Paperwork. .......the Ultimate Solution.

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Dear All


It seems the wheel is reinvented everytime a builder reaches that final stage of SVA and registration. The same questions arise repeatedly, and the situation is made murky by there appearing to be different answers and/or procedures to follow, in different parts of the UK. :wacko:

In 2003 mine was relatively easy, as I received good service from Reading DVLA. Even obtaining my tax disc, while-you-wait, just 30 mins after arriving with my MAC. What I now realise is that Reading was different to most offices, having one individual dedicated to registering kit cars, whereas other offices breed confusion by pitting the hapless customer against any of the counterstaff at random, who don't always seem to know or give the same answers to your queries,such as chassis number and.age related number or Q-plate.

Mine by comparison to others, was free of all those irritating delays.


And the reason for this little rambling ? :huh:


Well I'd like to introduce and recommend the services of one Mr Paul Jepson.

Paul retired last year after 14 years as the dedicated kit car registration specialist at Reading DVLA, the very man who dealt with my registration.

Operating now as Kit Car Registrations, Paul is now offering his services privately to kit car builders.

For a small fee, he provides the paperwork and guidance step by step through to registration.

If you have any further questions, he knows the right answers, and has the experience to know who to contact at all the regional offices to unblock things.


His advert states.


''*Registration forms completed over the phone


*Application for SVA submitted and date arranged,


*Advice on supporting documents and DVLA requirements, eg age related marks, insurance,tax, identification etc,


*Paperwork taken to DVLA local office and problems resolved quickly.


*All this for a one off fee of £35 and you needn't leave your house''




So far , he has run adverts in the kit press, and I have read on here the comments of a couple of individuals who seemed well pleased with their dealings with Paul. :)


I am recommending him because I know he is a genuine chap, who loves cars, and will help you over that last hurdle when you are just dying to finally get it on the road.


I think we have a really useful contact here, and all the members of the Robinhood fraternity should hear of it. :rolleyes:



Pauls contact details are


Paul Jepson

PO Box 4096





email paul.jepson@kitcarreg.com


Tel 01189 842303

mob 07748702987



Happy Hooding ! ;)


John Peach

Area Sec

Thames Valley Rhocar.

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Dear All   It seems the wheel is reinvented everytime a builder reaches that final stage of SVA and registration. The same questions arise repeatedly, and the situation is made murky by there app

:D il second his skills as he sorted all my stuff for the vortx out and got me a age plate that had not been issued before instead of a q reg,great guy,kept me informed well all the way along the line
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Well it seems that Paul Jepson does a good job and some people are very happy with what he has done for them. :D But....


Like John we had no problems at all with DVLA, in fact they were extremely helpful and all the paperwork went smoothly. :D


The point I am trying to make is perhaps if you have a local DVLA pay them a visit first and see if there is likely to be any hurdles to get over with them, And if you get stuck with any SVA bit a phone call to the SVA center usually helps.


After all this if you think you will need help give PJ a ring,

If not you have saved yourself some money. :D :D

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At Deitling i asked Richard on the Robin Hood stand about getting a copy of the original receipt, his eyes glazed over when i wasnt interested in a new kit, i mentioned paying for the admin effort and you could hear the cogs going round. He finished up with a charge of £200 to find ( or reproduce) the reciept. I smiled and walked away. However as i know the original purchaser of the kit, his name and address i will prepare the letter of inquirey and ask him (the original owner) to submit it under the new FOI freedom of Information Act.

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thats strange as few years back gina sorted a duplicate for me and charged me a fee of £10 to cover their costs???

perhaps you should phone and speak to her as i think she deals more with the paper work side of things.


mark kingston

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The MAJOR problem with the SVA is one of interpretation. All SVA testers have their own standards and these vary, not only within test centers, but from area to area. I have a friend who is an MOT tester and he would accept that this is the case. What will pass at one SVA will fail at another. What is important, as with all things in life, is PRESENTATION. A badly built dirty car that is a marginal pass will be snagged on some item, whereas the same car, well built & clean may well pass. My car failed its first test on 17 points. Happily all minor. He even snagged me on the TYRE TREAD RADII. I had to fit an RH cover, but a fail non-the-less. The second re-test ( with another tester ) took less than 5 mins. He did not even look at most of the points, just asked if I had done as requested.

At the end of the day these tests are designed to ensure that we are not driving a death trap, and have, as a side effect, raised the status of the Kit Car movement in general. The only advice one can give is to read all the reasons for failure and do your best. If you pass first time it is a miracle. My test station told me they had NEVER passed a car first time !! Do not forget that a re-test IS ON FAILED ITEMS ONLY. A very bad car may be impounded !!



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