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  1. I reckon I'll look in from time to time. I do moderate on a couple of other forums - msiwind.net and eeeuser.com - so I am keeping my hand in. But I have to say Hoodies are best. I totally dig that "have a go" approach to engineering, and the Hoody way. Sometimes think it runs through me like the writing in a stick of rock - not as much as Tim and the other stalwarts, sure, but it's there. Last "hoodie" thing I did was fabricating a register plate for a log burner using some left over bits of angle iron and stainless sheet that came from Robin Hood. The welding was rubbish but strong enou
  2. Well, this seems to be the end for me. I'm no longer the Sussex Area Sec and I don't have moderation rights on the forum anymore. I should really have posted something sooner but I've been extremely busy with work, and as some of you may recall I was forced to sell my DOHC 2B due to financial pressures. Consequently, I have lost interest in the Robin Hood, but at least I proved I could build one! Thank you all for your help and support along the way. Warmest regards Jon Bradbury (PS, the RHOCaR baseball cap is still my favourite!)
  3. Steve, download the Ubuntu 7.10 ("Gutsy Gibbon") live CD image from www.ubuntu.com, burn it to a CD and never look back. Knoppix has its fans, sure, but Ubuntu is more mature and better supported.
  4. Well spoken John and Chris - gets my vote, too!
  5. I've found a little jointing compound helps with compression joints by providing lubrication. This allows me to tighten them fully without risking distortion of the olive-pipe interface (and as you know if this happens you're in trouble as it'll leak and leak no matter how much tighter you make it). As to your problem Mat I think the only lubrication you need, apart from a nice cold beer, will be elbow grease.
  6. Chris, I echo the sentiments already posted here, and add that those people that do go down the Robin Hood route and complete their cars surely get the most satisfaction out of doing so. Plus, you have this fantastic forum and club which is invaluable when you need help. Sure, the cars aren't bolt together Meccano, but the kits are relatively cheap and the build is a challenge to be relished, not feared. Plus you can be sure that if you get stuck, there are lots of people here that have the solution (usually several different ones that you can choose from) and many are willing to come and
  7. Believe it or not, it is actually an early SuperSpec chassis without the extra strengthening around the engine bay. Allegedly...
  8. Yeah, and Steve drives it like a nutter.... right Steve?
  9. Update : Oh gosh, which button? Seems to have gone... Try this : CLICK
  10. Rubber mountings are not used on DOHC, because of the recessed floorpan. In fact the video tells you to grind them off the subchassis tube. Paul, take a look at my website, there are lots of pictures there (although none of the subframe fit because I got a camera after doing that!) Cheers JonB (Hint : Click the "WWW" button below this post)
  11. Have driven an old Defender what a sluggish nasty beast with crap steering, very, very heavy. You'd soon get fed up with it, I promise you (to say nothing of the fuel costs, it's a real guzzler). Shame you can't insure the 1.7 Puma cheaply enough - I had one from new and it was truly amazing (this after my Subaru Impreza Turbo RB5 WR Sport so it had quite a car to live up to). Very quiet inside as well (I kept stalling it because I couldn't actually hear the engine sometimes). I drove it in 4" of snow and the traction control was super considering it's a kind of cut down version. The car n
  12. Very "'AVE 'EM LADS!!!". Wish you lot could train up in the park outside my house... on a Saturday night...
  13. Yes. Use the sliding inner section of square tube in the chassis, and attach the top of the shock absorber using the bolt supplied, like this: The other end of the suspension is mounted through the existing hole in the semi trailing arms, in the middle of the cup where the spring used to sit in the donor. Robin Hood supply a set of rubber bushes that pass through this hole, and screw onto the end of the shock absorber. It's visible in the top left hand quadrant of this picture. As far as I know, this arrangement is the same as the normal 2B, so I imagine some of the other mem
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