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Robin Hood S7 Info

Harry B

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Hi guys,


I bought an S7 about a month or two ago after it had been dismantled,yet the instructions are in parts and so I'm pretty much building it blind!At the moment I want to make it a rolling chassis,and was just wondering about the suspension.It has internal shocks with Robin Hood upper wishbone arms,and uses the Cortina subframe; it has McPherson struts for the front.I was just wondering whether it uses the Sierra trailing arms and which other components for the suspension.Any help would be great.....it's a Mark 2 S7

Many thanks! :lol:

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I have just purchased a S7 mark 2 deluxe RH Engineering built rolling chassis, I have both original manuals and can also photo any parts of the car if you wish.


If you require copies of the manuals I can scan then and save as PDF's if any use

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Hi Kim & Barry,

I have an S7 and would find the build manual very usefull, would you mind sending me a copy of the pdf file?


My S7 is on the road and if you would like me to take photo's of areas or items of the finished car I will oblige.


Have you considered making the modifications to the monocoque to fit the 5 speed type 9 gearbox?




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Harry I suspect the subframe you have will be the early sierra one with the bottom arms on and an angle iron frame to bolt on the top to take the top wishbones. a cortina subframe is huge with both wishbones, springs and shockers attached. goodness knows why you have Mcpherson struts though. Take some pictures to post on here and why haven't you come to the Baldock meetings yet! The next one is the christmas meal though.


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I'm afraid there are two reasons why I haven't come yet:

1)I am Eton College as a full time boarder,so come homeevery three weeks for a weekend and holidays;tackling my A levels at the mo!

2)I can't drive yet-I have my test on the 16th December,so can't get to the meetings yet!


Cannot upload pics,there is something wrong.I will send them to you though if you think you can help me

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