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    Hi Alan Hopefully I’ll see you all on weds at the church mouse, all being well, I may have to rely on sarah getting me there Stay safe Harry
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    Well I suppose it is about time I show you all what is replacing the Robin Hood, so here it is, the first video in a project car series. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. I'll change the topic title to something more meaningful in a few days so those who are interested dont have the surprise spoilt. Also, for those of you who havent seen them posted elsewhere, there have been a couple of videos showing some mini-projects going on prior to the start of the build, so you may be interested in catching up on this playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhF8mZsmx_w&list=PL-_tWQqniU8kE9fgNjIv3RsQQ0AwjvdbN
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    Exceptional service from these guys. Cheap and speedy delivery even though they're from another country (Wales ) I chose my battery by size but still got it wrong. They picked it back up when they delivered the new one and only charged half the cost as a gesture of good will. A very efficient and fast service. https://www.tayna.co.uk/
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