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    I ain’t scared!! getting there!!
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    Well done - but it leads me to a question - for you or anyone else on this forum I have a Burton 2cv going for IVA on 6th June. Reading the latest IVA manual, it would seem I need a 2 speed wiper motor - the Burton kit only supplies a single speed with kit specifically designed to fit behind the bulkhead. In your opinion how tolerant was your tester for specifics in the manual (such as this) if you did not meet the Required Standard? Assuming that he does not find other problems when testing? Many thanks Keith www.cageyenne.co.uk/wp
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    Meeting at Burton Services at the Cherry Tree Farm for breakfast (which I should point out is all you can eat for £4.49 so suspension adjustment may be necessary) https://www.farmhouseinns.co.uk/pubs/derbyshire/cherry-tree-farm/breakfast/ Etwall Road Willington Derby DerbyshireDE65 6DX United Kingdom https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Cherry+Tree+Farm+-+Dining+%26+Carvery/@52.8643147,-1.5676279,472m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x487a02aaa48e590b:0xb9427f44403c020!8m2!3d52.8643115!4d-1.5654392?hl=en I reckon 09.30 would be a good time and then give 45 mins or so before heading off. No route planned as yet but we would be stopping at a pub later on for lunch somewhere in the peaks This is of course all dependent on the weather which looks a bit iffy at the mo but a week is a long way off in British weather terms. All welcome member or not. Andi
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    A 'leaded engine' runs fine on unleaded petrol although the lower octane level will require ignition retarded a couple of degrees but suffers valve seat erosion which of course will eventually cause a compression drop and running problems. It is possible this has happened and if yours doesn't have hardened valve seats then a compression check would be worthwhile. Cylinder heads with valve seats for unleaded were stamped with letters on the exhaust face close to spark-plug number 4. See pic below. Letters for 1.6 are M, MM, N, NN. 1.8 are S, SS. 2.0 are L, R, RR, P, PP.
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    Tie bars finally fitted. Took ages to find a workshop who could drill and tap the old roll bar. Car is transformed as expected. If you haven't done this conversation, do it!
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    What looks like a brilliant weekend full of activities. We have a stand. Plus I have been told camping for our club is free. Just pass your details on to me when you book on. Ticket prices below https://billetto.co.uk/e/supercars-of-the-northwest-tickets-338924
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    Aye, sounds good.... ref: