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    Fixed....I shouldn't have been such a pessimist...just that I never needed a battery bulb before I renewed the alternator.. same model & everything.. Had to change my wing indicators to clear ones anyways as I had a pair for about a year or so, so used one of the old ones for the bulb holder for now and shoved it behind the dash until I can arrange something better... Again ..thanks everyone for all the advice....
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    This little diagram helped me sort mine out
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    Hi all, I have not too long ago been appointed the RHOCAR area secretary for the Staffordshire region and I just wanted to let people know who I am and what will be happening in the Staffs area. For the interim period I have started a regular meeting which will be on the first Monday of each month at the George and Dragon Meaford Rd, Meaford, Stone ST15 0PX starting at 19.30 . This takes place at the same time as a classic club meeting and in the summer it is packed out, so plenty to look at. However I want to get other suggestions for any other dates times or venues that people may prefer. Also runs out in the summer are on the cards so I will be putting forward some suggestions for this. There is already Stoneleigh kit car show in May to run to and also Hoodstock in Leicestershire in August/September time. Or if there is a stunningly beautiful weekends that are crying out for an impulsive countryside run out to a country pub, get in touch Also as a club we can be active in supporting and helping local peoples builds or technical issues, free tool hire or getting local help if we ourselves need it. You could be involved as much or as little as you want. If there are any club related questions or issues, then again please get in touch and I will make sure it is given to the correct committee member. If anyone does want to contact me direct please give me a personal message (PM) or email me at scalefour@gmail.com, or just come along to the meetings. Bring your family and friends if you like in your kit or daily runner. Thanks for your time and I hope to see you soon. Andi Cartwright.