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    Well I finally passed the IVA and my documents have been sent to the DVLA! To summarise what I did in case anyone is interested... - I did away with the servo and just ran the standard Sierra master cylinder and brake pads. I beefed up heat shield to be safe. - After some inspection the valve stem seals had fallen to pieces and I replaced them with the head in place using the popular rope technique. - I replaced the handbrake cable and put another adjuster on so I could balance both sides. - I just aligned the headlights on the garage door using masking tape As for getting the car there and back I employed the service of a local transport company called RS Motor Co. Now just to wait patiently for my log book!
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    The Zetec isn't a *straight* swap, no. One major difference is that the inlet/exhausts are on opposite sides of the engine between Zetec and Duratec. I'm fairly sure the bellhousing won't be a straight swap either.
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    The Zetec design is 20 years newer than the Pinto and, with all respect to the many owners on here who still have a Pinto, it should be more reliable and has more power out the box, hence why any kits you see for sale will be more expensive with a Zetec. Duratecs are newer and more powerful still. Mazda MX5 engines are increasingly popular, although seem to be a little more complex to setup if you get VVT versions and slightly less power than Zetecs in standard form.
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    I second that. This was without doubt the best event we have put on, and all down to the tireless effort and promotion from a handful of lovelies (you know who you are). Thanks to all who made it happen and all who attended. I've a feeling next year will be huge. It has been commented by some non members as better than Stoneleigh. Now that's a compliment Andi
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    Naturally aspirated will cost a small fortune and be horrible to drive on the road. However, you can get very close to 200bhp on a stock pinto with a turbo conversion and Efi, which is fun if you want to do something a bit different and have the ability or access to someone with the ability to make the bits you will need, but could become expensive if you are having to pay people to make custom parts. 205 block tend to sell for a decent price too, so other option is buy the car, sell the pinto and put that money to something else.
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    @theduck will advise you on this
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    Just seen this, hope you got sorted out Ivan. Nick
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    Agree with what your saying, everyone different and cars used for various applications. Well, my car passed it's MOT on Wednesday. 45 miles in one year! I think with mileage like that it doesn't really matter what tyres I choose Think I'll opt for the Uniroyal although it looks like I could get another couple of years out of Yokohama's!! Appreciate all the replies. Alan.
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    Dont think im going to make broke down off the m1
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