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  1. another query. My exhaust points out to the side with a sharp edge , (see Picture) Is that acceptable for the IVA? My brother had the origonal Lutus seven, he said his silencer was on the side of the car, but it then was diverted back under the car and out the back of the vehicle. I have check dozens of images for Sevens but no one seems to take that option, is it to do with ground clearance under the car or is it down to fashion? Another point, I applied for a VIN number from the DVLA and nothing has arrived yet. Can I submit the IVA application now and say awaiting Vin number?
  2. Thats an interesting option, the dog has plenrty of spare bowls, thanks
  3. I think I will have a look at some heat shields, I keep burning my leg when I get out the car, so it might kill two birds with one stone, Thanks for that.
  4. Wanted a pair of chrome or stainless steep headlights to fit my Exmo. Also the old fashioned chrome rimmed temprature gauge and matching sender to match my cortina gauges.
  5. Thanks for that Mr Toad, I will sleep a little better tonight
  6. I think the way things are going I will have to put the IVA test off until next year. Everytime I think I am nealy there more problems keep croping up. Also it's getting dam expesive. Just priced up the fuel tank filler cap that I apparantly need and now a new silencer. I think I will post a complete photo of the car so members can advise me of anything elese be fore I apply for the IVA. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  7. Another couple of queries. On the picture of the wiper, is thev plastic nut cover on the main bolt sufficient? and the front edge of the silencer is slightly rounded, again is this sufficent?
  8. Thanks for the info, I may have got mixed up with fog and reversing lights. I knew I had seen something on someones blog. I havent got a 3d printer though so it will have to be a strip of rubber.
  9. Anyone know of a mobile mechanic in Plymouth that is familier with webber carbs. The thought of stipping mine down and retuning it fills me with dread?
  10. We have a carpeted boot area, it was just removed because i was wiring up a new number plate light. Thanks for the advice on the fuel cap, this was a surprise, will go and measure it up.
  11. Thanks as always Mr Toad, The engine is a ford pinto two litre, it is 1984 so it should nothave to adear to the moden emmision regs. The exhaust smoked o little and i was not sure if this was down to ovefueling. Aparently it will fail if it smokes so II took just the top half of the webber off and found the power valve diaphram valve had siezed so i replaced it. I cleaned all the jets out on the top half of the carb, but now I will remove the whole carb and strip it down.
  12. will shim the reversing light, thanks. Will have to look through previous forums for these diodes. I was thinking of just taking a feed off the front dipped circuit, so will check out the diodes first
  13. on the front wings any idea where you get metal edging from for around the exhaust hole?
  14. Desperatly trying to get my barn find, (Exmo) ready for it's first IVA and would like advice please. Where do I get the specs for the weights for an Exmo from. I see some listed on other forums but none for an Exmo. Are they the same? There is a gap between the bonnet and the sides of the car see pic 3, is this permissable? Is there a seal or strip of rubber that should go there? The internal sharp edge on the front susspension. see pic 2 do they need rubber protection? The round edge that is cut into the side pod for the exhaust. See pic 1. should that have rubber p
  15. Help please, trying to get my Robin Hood ready for the IVA and time is running out along with the summer. Bought the car an Exmo as an unfinished car, the engine hunts on idle and it does not seem to make any difference when i turn the mixture screw. Took off the top of the 32/36 Weber and replaced the power valve diaphram (which was siezed solid, now I can't tune it, any thoughts anyone. also for the IVA where do I get the specificaton weights for the axal's etc?
  16. Hi all just a quick question about the cycle wing edges, do they need extra rubber trim to pass IVA or are they usually not within the 10mm minimum? If so what rubber is everyone using? Also am i reading the manual right when it says we must have an immobiliser fitted by a certified professional? OR can we just put in a kill switch ourselves? an has anyone been checked on either when the car was tested? Thanks in advance Nick
  17. Hi gents We're on the hunt for an air filter for a WEBER 32/36 carb? We have found a few online but after all the work prep for IVA funds are getting low so we thought we would ask the group. Cheers Nick
  18. Another query, Is this acceptable for the IVA. The subframe of the Ford Sierra in the picture is exposed just infrontof the rear wheel. I think I can remember reading in One of our forums that they want them to be covered. I have looked back through them and cannot find the origional thread. Has anyonr any thought on the legality?yy
  19. Another query regarding the IVA. The brake master cylinder is the dual type but the chamber that feeds them is single. Is this Ok.
  20. Thanks for the advice on the steering wheel. Does anyone have an old rev counter? The speedometer is 4" and come off a cortina (smiths) I think with a chrome bezel and a blck face, It needs to be negative earth.
  21. Cheers brumster, after looking into it they are asking more than £30 for just the cover! So we are gonna get the new wheel from Mr toad instead, we wanted a slightly bigger wheel anyway.
  22. Thanks for the advice on the shocks. We have listened and decieded to keep the sierra main springs and fit a pair of capri shock's. The advantage is that the shock's are now upright so should work better. We had new upper brackets made for the upper mounts that could be bolted to the strong side bar. (see Attached photo.) This also gives us the option for coil overs in the future. Thanks Mr Toad I will talk to Nick and let you know. Brumster, when you say you got a rubber cover from Stoneliegh that does not mean anything to me. Do you have an adress or website so I can see one?
  23. thanks for the advices IanS, but we do not have the sierra wheel. Mr Toad could you post a picture of the one you have for sale/ Does it have a centre horn push?
  24. Has anyone any thoughts about the legability of the steering wheel in modern day IVA regs? I have been told that the sharp edges will cause it to fail.
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