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  1. Hi all Doing a bit of restoration and are looking for some parts, hoping you guys may have some old bits lying around an can save us buying new. We are looking for.. A Windscreen Side repeaters (still not sure what type or where we are putting them yet) Rear view mirror Wing mirrors Bucket seats Seat belts Steering wheel (maybe) Speedometer and Rev counter (maybe) still trying to get ours working. There will definitely be more added to the list. Give me a message or comment if you have anything.
  2. Sadly the full IVA, the licence plate I believe was from the donor car. This one was never actually finished, Its never had repeaters and the electrics and interior were never finished. About the IVA, is there a reason people want the older Q plates rather than a 2018 plate? Surely that would add value to the car, but would that also mean it needs to adhere to 2018 emissions regulations? Something i'm sure would be difficult with a 34 year old engine.
  3. Oh and I just realized I didn't spell the title correctly. Ignore that its too late to change it.
  4. Hi all So we have just bought our first kit car, an unfinished barn find we found out in the depths of Cornwall. My dad and I have been talking about restoring a car for years and as we have both always been big fans of Lotus, so when this came online super cheep we jumped on it. We are uniquely unqualified for the job, my dad being a kitchen appliance engineer and me a internet technician for Virgin. So we will be happy for any help and advice the forum can give us. So the basics, it seems to be a Robin Hood EXMO with a 1984 Sierra chassis, a 2L Pinto engine and a lot of work left to do i
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    2B Soft Top

    HI would also be interested in pics if it hasn't been sold yet.
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