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  1. I have just completed an engine swap on my sub-k and thought i would get it weighted at the local weight bridge, the car had the spare wheel on the back and half a tank of fuel with no driver and came in at 720KG. How does this compare to other robin hoods? The new engine has made a massive improvement, going from 1.6-2.0 pinto. i managed to squeeze 151BHP out of it but fuel economy has disappeared
  2. The weather is not looking great for this, shame as I’ve just got in running again
  3. i have just sold a head in similar condition for £50 so yeah id say £100 was fair
  4. Thanks Steve would be great to get some knowledge on the cars, I’m hoping to have it running again over the weekend
  5. Morning all, I’m new to the scene purchased my first kit car a couple of weeks ago, it’s a subk and was wondering how may of these are still on the road. since I have had it I’ve put different wheels on and had a nightmare changing the leaking rusty fuel tank with a stainless one kr ant
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