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  1. We won't be going, we need to be extra careful as my Mum depends on us and she's super vulnerable. Maybe a Zoom meeting? Cheers, Graham & Annette
  2. Sorry, we won't be able to make this one. Hopefully next time. Cheers, Graham
  3. we are planning to be there. Get well soon Andy!
  4. We are going tonight. Anyone else?
  5. We will plan to be at Trowel for 11.30, but we are towing the caravan so will have to park with HGVs. When we leave Trowell you guys drive at your own speed and we will see you at Stoneleigh.
  6. We are going.Hoping to plan Stoneleigh trip. Graham & Annette
  7. Big thanks to Keith and all involved for a great weekend. I know it wasn't an easy task but you aced it.
  8. I have for sale a 110Ah Leisure battery which is about 18 months old. I have had to buy a new one because my new caravan only accepts the "low height" version. As far as I know there is nothing wrong with this one. I am asking only £25 and I can take this to the South Yorks meeting this week, or to the upcoming End of Season Bash. Of course the battery will be supplied fully charged.
  9. We won't make this one. We will be in Lincolnshire picking up a new caravan. Maybe next time. Graham and Annette
  10. Hi, Sorry we will miss this one. It will be day 1 of our road trip to Italy. Cheers, Graham
  11. That looks a good time for us too. See you at Trowell.
  12. Good work Kieth, thanks for following up and giving us all clarity. Here's to a great weekend.
  13. We should be there. Graham & Annette
  14. Sorry folks, was coming to this but stuff got in the way. Our sons wedding this weekend and things still to do.
  15. I've got a Haynes manual you can have if you're at next weeks meeting.
  16. We will be there, can't wait to meet the little fella!
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