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  1. Probably a little attention to detail with clips, fuel and brake pipes that will be visible to the tester. Uniformity and straight lines, insulated wiring terminals will fill the tester with confidence of the build.

  2. 8 hours ago, blue said:

    Morning mark.   Are they Weber 45s.   If so order a new set from WEBCON it’s the new 5% ethanol fuel the new ones made by WEBCON are ethanol proof. 

    Done, it's where I got the original twin 45 with 5 progression holes. Just waiting for delivery, fingers crossed for this week before Santapod.

  3. A few members have noticed that my car is smelling a bit rich. It has been on a rolling road twice and always comes off slightly rich to play it safe.

    Anyway thought this weekend I would investigate further. On inspection of the carbs I noticed cylinder 3 & 4 had petrol pooling on the chokes. It appears the needle valve was not closing or the fuel pressure was to high.

    Stripped the carbs and needle valve was OK, free to move and floats still adjusted right.

    The floats are black plastic and not the brass type, but I notice one set was slightly heavier. I shook them but could not hear fuel sloshing, tried the float test under water and could note see any bubbles. WTF. So I put them on the kitchen scales (don't tell the wife) and one set was much heavier. However, when squeezing the heavy set I noticed fuel oozing out, rammed a knife into it and noticed they are not hollow like the brass. They were a like a sponge with a  hard case.

    Problem solved just need to order a set of floats for dcoe and fit before kitfest.

  4. On 5/25/2021 at 12:54 PM, apgodden said:

    I know a number of us carrying 5l of petrol behind our backs in the boot....  With fitting the Weber twin 40's it drinks dinosaur fuel so a reserve of 10L is a great safety net...... When I stripped the car down I noticed there was space to fit the 10l tank without compromising boot space.....

    I'm running twin 45's on a ST170 lump, the gauge has two positions full and empty!

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