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  1. On 5/25/2021 at 12:54 PM, apgodden said:

    I know a number of us carrying 5l of petrol behind our backs in the boot....  With fitting the Weber twin 40's it drinks dinosaur fuel so a reserve of 10L is a great safety net...... When I stripped the car down I noticed there was space to fit the 10l tank without compromising boot space.....

    I'm running twin 45's on a ST170 lump, the gauge has two positions full and empty!

  2. I have similar seats and they passed IVA. As Bob said if the the belt goes through the seat and press on them i.e. the belt pulls the seat down because the anchor point is to low then the strength of the seat is taken in to consideration. If the belts go through the seat slots and pull directly forward with out causing any force in the seat then you will be OK.

  3. Loads of Mac1 kits out there so it is possible. As Richy said start with the IVA manual, any issues or clarification post on here we are a helpful bunch.

    Approach the IVA prepared but don't worry about failing about 75% of home built cars fail. But look at it as a short list of fixes to get roadworthy.

    Mine failed on emissions, reverse light not working (did when I left my house) and no rubber covers on starter motor terminals.

  4. I have thought about type approved, but being a B reg it was before the rules were made. Second to this most plods and MOT testers for that matter look for the silver sticker.

    As Baldrick would say "I have cunning plan", using an old Ford focus tow bar kit and you've guess it the silver sticker is still fitted. 

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