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Lotus 7 Night On Poole Quay! (31 July 2009)


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Guest gavinc

i think we should find the person that posted this......



I ought to get out New more


Location: Wimborne Minster, East Dorset Posted - 3 November 2008 13:20

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Hi Martin,


50 cars is really a minimum, hopefully most of that 50 will be Loti / Caterhams rather than Robin Hoods


If we can find 200 Caterhams then great! There is plenty of room.


The more the merrier!




and push his car off the quay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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if it wasnt so far i'd go with the vindicator. if they dont like robin hoods they'd hate that!


the thing about these forums is that one post (or possibly two) in a whole thread gives outsiderrs a bad impression of the whole community.


i'm sure the majority are good guys, who arent elitest a*seholes. i know one through work and you couldnt meet a nicer guy.

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Having read there lotus 7 page on this meet , if i lived closer i,d go just to irritate them



exactly what I was thinking :D but in fairness they are not all like that the cornish se7ens group seem to be quite a friendly lot and I am hoping to join them for a couple of runs this year...

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