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Is Your Hood Safe?


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The fag butt incident was in Essex...... :D


But the BM incidents were on the same day over the Christmas break, on the same drive about 10am. The first was 1/2 mile from home, the second about 10 minutes later.


I dont get it...

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The Oxford University Press has said that the word is "generally thought to come from Chatham girls"[4], and Michael Quinion says that that is "where the term is best known and probably originated"[6].


A BBC TV documentary suggested that "chav" culture is an evolution of previous working-class youth subcultures associated with particular commercial clothing styles, such as mods, skinheads and casuals.[9]


Many folk etymologies have sprung up around the word. These include the backronym "Council Housed And Violent",[1] and the suggestion that pupils at Cheltenham Ladies' College and Cheltenham College used the word to describe the young men of the town ("Cheltenham Average").[10] However, Michael Quinion has said that "we must treat supposed acronymic origins with the greatest suspicion; these examples are definitely recent after-the-event inventions as attempts to explain the word, though very widely known and believed."[6]



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Never had a problem just positive comments and people wanting to talk about it as has been said previously.


Do the same trick in P&D carparks about taking pick of ticket just in case. SSpoke to traffice warden on first time i did this he said what I had done was a good idea and he wouldnt give me a ticket anyway as it was such a nice car.


Never been tempted to test this tho

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