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Dolly S7 - Dimensions?


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I'm trying to work out if I have cleared enough space in the garage (see here: http://ping.fm/p/qplGc) to fit my newly purchased S7 (unoriginally, but provisionally named 'Dolly'). I can't seem to find the dimensions of the car anywhere on the web.


Does anyone know the rough outer dimensions of a Triumph-based S7?

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I know that the Cortina S7 is around about


Length 11ft. 6 ins


Width 5ft. 6 ins


Height 3ft. 7 ins


Think Im right in saying Triumph-based S7 is slightly smaller




Thanks Chris - that gives me something to work from at least. Time to get the tape measure out when I get home...

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My Triumph based S7 is 3.63 long including the spare wheel mounted on the back.

1.59 wide and 1.02 tall.


Hope this fits.


Thanks All - it does indeed fit with plenty of room to spare. Now up on ramps and stands and in the process of being stripped...

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