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  1. Mine did the same. The u-clamp holding the rack in place was flexing trough the mounting holes and it was the threads which created the clunk when they slipped. I think I added some packing (plastic pipe) around the rack to keep everything tight - was a long time ago though, so can't remember exactly!
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    Please add me on to the list Lee Cheers James
  4. If it's the fuel tank as supplied in the superspec kit, then there is a swirl pot inside the tank. I've got the same large fuel filter - but it sits in the horizontal position. Which direction does the fuel flow from the bottom of the filter - to the engine or back to the tank?
  5. At the risk of telling you how to start an engine (don't want to appear patronising!).... do you give it a bit of throttle when you turn the ignition? With no throttle mine takes a few goes from cold. But with a little throttle, it starts first time every time. (Touch wood....)
  6. Yep. From what other superspec users have reported, the one supplied with the kit was not really compatible. It was marginal whether it would pass the emissions, and with the engine / exhaust / sensor ageing there's little chance of it getting through. So, with a proper sensor, any easy fix.
  7. Phew, it's passed! I fitted a NGK NTK OZA527-E9 sensor and it flew through the emissions test. I had trouble getting the old sensor off though. To get through the test initially, the advise was to make sure there were absolutely no leaks in the exhaust system. So I used exhaust paste on the lambda threads, which meant it was pretty much welded in place. I broke a spanner trying to get it off. In the end I cut the lamda with an angle grinder and then hammed a socket onto what was left of the nut and used a breaker bar. Anyway, I'm pleased to be back on the road. Hopefully get a few more runs in before winter sets in. Cheers James
  8. Thanks guys I've done a bit more searching on this site, and it definitely looks like there was an issue with the lambda units supplied with the kit. I'm about to order an NTK unit which is for use with the Rover engine. I'll keep you posted
  9. Just failed my MOT on the emissions test: Fast Idle Test CO 1.6% (should be less than 0.3%) HC 55ppm (OK as as less than 200ppm) Lambda 0.944 (should be 0.970-1.030) Natural Idle Test CO 1.3% (should be less than 0.5%) I was expecting to pass the emissions as it passed OK at the IVA test 3 years ago, and I haven't changed anything since then. I know lots of superspec owners have had issues with emissions and there are a whole range of reasons/solutions which have been necessary to get it sorted. I think I'll start with replacing the Lambda sensor, and see where I get with that. Cheers James
  10. Mine passed the IVA in 2009 with 'current regs' for the emissions - so shouldn't need to prove the engine date.
  11. Sorry to hear your news Steve. Hope you get better soon. James
  12. Thanks Jon / Al I've ordered the gasket and found a breather for £3 . Just need to practice my welding now! Al - Great news on your progress. Look forward to hearing more in due course.
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