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No Go Pinto!


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Im having a bit of trouble with my engine. I know that it needs tuning and the timing is not exact but the problem I have got is that the car runs well when cold and tick over at idle is fine.


when the car has been out on a bit of a run for about 15 mins the car will have no acceleration it will slowly die it will not cut out and continues to idle but when you try to accelerate it just spluts and dies its like it has got no fuel.


i have noticed that if i leave it to cool for a bit, say 10 mins it will then let me drive again for 5 mins then the same will happen. the engine is very hot to the touch and water temp reads about 95C


any one got any ideas as im out


many thanks



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Is you tank vented or is the vent blocked? If not it could be causing a vacuum making it difficult for the pump to deliver fuel to the engine. Are your fuel lines getting hot leading to vaporisation, same with the fuel pump? 95 with a pressurised coolant system is fine by the way. What fuel pump are you using?

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IIRC there were issues with Facet pumps some time ago,do they not have an inbuilt filter?,Why use a reg if the pump is correct for carbs you should not need one .Is there some crap floating about in the tank ? silicon sealer can make wonderful gorilla snot . Is the heat block in place under the carb, there are a few to look at any one or a combination can really b-----x things up HTH mower man :good:

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I had problems with fuel vapourisation with a Facet pump which was mounted next to the battery and behind the end of the rocker box. Have moved it down to the floor of the engine bay near the starter where it runs much cooler - problem solved.


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still got the problem have tried red X in tank and S**t loads of carb cleaner.


just so you are aware im running twin 40's


i was just wondering if i could be experiencing carb Icing as one of the carbs is ice cold to the touch but the inlet manifold is warm


this is becoming annoying now as you can only drive for about 5-10mins before it happens then have to sit at side of road waiting with engine off for another 5 mins until you can drive again and the symptoms persist


somebody must have an idea


2.0 litre pinto with weber twin 40's nothing out of the norm

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Have you checked your braided hoses as there have been some bad stuff about that is not compatible with modern fuels, as it softens up and can collapse if on the suction side of the fuel pump , if on the feed side it tends to leak and thus very dangerious.


If your Facet pump has a filter fitted these can cause fuel starvation as many will tell you & have found out the hard way.


A non vented fuel cap will give you about 5 mins or so of running before causing fuel starvation & only allowing low revs, i had this when i fitted a new fuel cap some time ago.


Good Luck




P.S. also running twin DCOE 40s

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Crap in the tank was the problem


i don't know why but there was some almost like tile grout in the bottom of the tank and this had got itself up inside the pickup pipe from the tank to the pump


so the fuel pressure was being affected and the carbs were empting under load but fuel was getting through at low pressure which was enough to enable tick over


just need to put it all back together now

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